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Sessions and fees

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Fees: £60 per session.

  • Each session lasts 1 hour.
  • For some who wish to have a short course of counselling, 4-6 sessions may be appropriate.
  • For others, a deeper exploration of particular issues may be required in which case further sessions can continue for months or sometimes years.
  • Regular sessions, usually weekly or fortnightly are recommended in order to maintain momentum and encourage reflection and change for our clients.

It may be that mobility is a problem for some clients, or access to child care makes it difficult to get out in the evenings. After attending an initial session in person at Exeter Therapy, clients are welcome to conduct further counselling via Skype as per arrangement.

Our approach at Exeter Therapy

We use an integrated methodology incorporating ideas from all the major theoretical schools in order to respond fully to the needs presented by the client. Carl Rogers’ Person Centred approach is central to our style of working, as he suggested the following three ideas:

  • Every individual wants to experience happiness for themselves and others
  • It is important that we are each fully heard and understood
  • Each of us has potential to be resourceful and creative in our relationships

By employing an empathic and respectful therapeutic approach towards those who use the services we provide at Exeter Therapy, clients are given a chance to explore and understand the meaning of the difficulties they may experience, leading to the opportunity to take responsibility for, and make choices about, their lives which will ultimately result in an increased feeling of well being and personal power.

Sessions are held in central Exeter, Devon  |  Sessions are also available via Skype.

Counselling, Clinical and Supervison Training available.

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