Over the past three years, Dinah and Holly have established an energetic and dynamic partnership, co-presenting training / CPD courses.

“We do not believe that ‘one size fits all’, and we are always keen to ensure that any training day is tailored as specifically as possible to the work and challenges facing that particular audience.”

The following courses are all currently available.

We require a minimum of 8 participants and will generally work with a maximum of 16.

Further course information is available upon request.

We are always happy to discuss more bespoke training.

The Compassionate Professional

This half day (4 hour) course has been created to explain and explore how to effectively create a working relationship with vulnerable or challenging clients.

Participants shall be able to develop their skills in order to set clear professional and ethical boundaries, whilst instilling their clients with hope and confidence. The programme will go on to explore how to establish and maintain a professional, yet compassionate, working relationship, including some learning about the components of a positive therapeutic professional relationship. Participants will have an opportunity to work with case studies, to illustrate how to maintain that relationship in the face of challenge.

This course would be suitable for anyone who’s work brings them into contact with clients who are vulnerable or highly stressed.

The Resilient Recruit aka “How not to take it home with you….”

This is a one day (6 hour) course which develops participants’ skills and capacity to manage the stresses and challenges of their working environment. We will consider the importance of ‘resilience’ in our lives, and the possible consequences when it is lacking. Participants will be encouraged to identify the components which help to promote it, and we will use case studies to consider how we might develop effective strategies to build our resilience, in both a domestic and a professional environment.

The Fabric of Family

This is a one day (6 hour) course providing participants with an opportunity to explore the intricate threads of influences, communications and beliefs which make up the tapestry of family relationships. With such an awareness the course goes on to develop the skills of participants to create new ways of thinking, talking and working with their clients with an emphasis upon empowering those clients to find their own strengths and solutions.

“What’s IT all about?” - Exploring the “IT” factor in our relationships in the 21st Century

From the pressures of 24 hour contact, to the tensions of the iPhone at the breakfast table, to the frustrations of the email account on holiday. This one day (6 hour) course will look at the issues often presented by our clients, with a view to helping them establish the various meanings behind those issues. The course encourages participants to look at their own relationship to this technology, before going on to explore what it may expose or hide in other couple and family relationships. Some of the day will be spent looking at the nature of the seemingly intimate relationships which can develop ‘online’, and we will also look at the impact of technology in supporting an addiction.

Domestic abuse and coercive control

This course will look at the prevalence of abuse and coercion in adult relationships, the dynamics of abuse and control, and how to assess for this when working with families in any context. The course will also clarify our professional and personal responsibilities when faced with clients or colleagues who may be in an unsafe relationship.


Supervision is the cornerstone of effective counselling.

Dinah and Holly are qualified clinical supervisors, and offer a safe and confidential space into which practitioners can bring their thoughts, feelings, or concerns. It is sometimes the case that safeguarding issues may require a breach of confidentiality, and this will always be discussed collaboratively.

The model of supervision used at Exeter Therapy starts with the premise that the supervision time belongs to the practitioner, and therefore the practitioner drives the agenda as much as possible.

Sessions are held in central Exeter, Devon

Sessions are also available via Skype

Counselling, Clinical and Supervison Training available.


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